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Sanitation Department

Owensboro Sanitation Department

Phone: (270) 687-8760

Our mission is to provide quality sanitation services at the lowest possible price. From household trash, bulky items and commercial collections to yard waste, leaf services and recycling - We keep Owensboro clean!

Our mission keeps us busy. Every day, we collect trash and yard wasted from 4,400 households. We also service 275 business dumpsters and 9 recycling dumpsters every day. With a staff of only 33 employees, your service team works hard for you.

Your service is completely paid for through your monthly sanitation service fee - we receive no tax dollars. Because we have a reserve of cash, we are able to keep your rates below our actual cost. How is your $12 monthly fee used?



Salary & Benefits $3.29
Vehicles, fuel & maint. $2.26
Yard waste service & vehicles $3.45
Cost for trash disposal $3.01
Cart replacement & supplies $0.64
Maintain old city landfill $0.17
Recycling cost $0.07
Other $1.38
TOTAL $14.27


In Owensboro, we enjoy some of the lowest monthly rates in the nation for sanitation services:


City of Owensboro, KY $12.00
City of Paducah, KY $16.50
City of Bowling Green, KY $17.13
City of Madisonville, KY $18.75
City of Evansville, IN $19.13