Property Maintenance

The Property Maintenance Code of Ordinance 19-2011, May 17, 2011, establishes a minimum maintenance standard for properties within the City of Owensboro and provides for administration and enforcement of penalties for properties that are not maintained to the minimum standard.  Provisions of 2009 International Property Maintenance Code were adopted by the City of Owensboro, and any violation of the provisions therein shall be deemed a nuisance enforceable by any and all provisions of this property maintenance code

Inspections are performed by Code Enforcement Officers, powers and responsibilities of the code enforcement officer(s) include, but are not limited to; conducting investigations, conducting inspections, recording and documenting conditions, obtaining outsourced inspection services, issuance of Notice of Violation, issuance of Citation, appeal process, abatement of nuisance, right of entry, modifications, and all other powers vested under applicable statutes and the property maintenance code.

These functions help prevent the deterioration of neighborhoods by requiring general maintenance and upkeep, promoting improvements to private property, and maintaining the highest safety and sanitation standards for the nearly 24,000 Private Property Parcels within the Corporate Boundaries of The City of Owensboro.