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October 15, 2020


For information, contact the Sanitation Department at 270-687-8760.





The Owensboro Sanitation Department will begin vacuum leaf collection on Monday, October 19, 2020 through February 12, 2021. During leaf season, crews will complete three (3) passes through ten (10) zones of the city, beginning in zone 8 this year. Customers can find their leaf zone by accessing our interactive map at


Monitor leaf zone progress at, @CityofOwensboro on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, local radio and newspaper stations, text alerts (register on city website) or by calling CityAction at 270-687-4444.


Bagged leaves in plastic bags (less than 30 lbs. per bag) can be placed curbside on trash collection day. Bagged leaves can also be dropped off in the orange leaf collection dumpsters located in the Sportscenter north parking lot on Hickman Avenue. 


Leaf Collection Tips:

  • Be ready – Crews cannot return for late rake-outs or inaccessible piles

  • Do not mix limbs, yard waste or trash with leaves

  • Do not wet leaves – vacuums cannot lift frozen leaf piles

  • Rake early in the season – snow and ice may slow or prohibit leaf collection

  • Rake leaves curbside in yard – not the street or sidewalk

  • Leaf piles should not be blocked with vehicles

  • Do not place leaf piles over water meter lids or other obstructions

  • Loose brush/limb collection ends during leaf season





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