Frequently Asked Questions

What places are affected by the new Smoking ordinance?

The new smoking ordinance applies to places to which the public is invited, such as restaurants, stores, medical facilities, schools, bus shelters, banks, hotel lobbies, and all areas in City parks.

When does the ordinance go into effect?

October 15, 2014.

Can I smoke on a City street or sidewalk?

Yes, as long as you are not within 25 feet of the entrance of places where smoking is prohibited, operable windows, outdoor restaurant seating areas, or in an area in which the City has granted an encroachment or special events permit.

Can I smoke in the outdoor seating area of a restaurant?

No, smoking is prohibited at restaurants and includes outdoor areas where food and drink is served.

Can I still smoke at my favorite bar?

Yes, if your bar is in operation on October 15, the effective dates of the ordinance, and its business is devoted primarily to the serving of alcoholic beverages with the service of food being incidental to its business.

Can I still smoke in my house, yard, or car?


I operate a business and have employees that smoke. Where can they smoke?

Businesses can establish restricted areas to which the public is not invited or permitted. Employees can also smoke in parking lots. Such areas must be 25 feet from the entrance of the business.

What should I do at my business to ensure that customers and employees do not smoke in prohibited areas?

Businesses should remove all ashtrays and post “No Smoking” signs in areas where smoking is prohibited.

What are the penalties for violating the smoking ordinance?

There is a fine of $100 for a first violation and $250 for each additional violation.