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Phone: (270) 687-8760
Fax: (270) 687-8739

Owensboro Sanitation Dept.
1410 W. 5th Street
Owensboro, KY 42301

Hours: 6:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
After 3:30 p.m., contact CityAction

CityAction: 270-687-4444

The Owensboro Sanitation Department provides loose-leaf collection services to our customers from October 22nd until February 15th. Leaves are collected by large vacuum trucks that traverse each section of the city. Leaves that are bagged and/or placed in your personal container are collected year-round as long as they are placed at the curb by 6:00 am on your normal trash day.

Be advised, the last week of systematic limb collection was over on your trash day the week of October 15-19 and limb collection will not fully restart again until February 18, 2019.  As a reminder, small twigs/branches that are bagged or canned are collected on your trash day year-round.

Follow the progress of crews with this web site, the Messenger-Inquirer, or by listening to WEVV TV 75, Cable 8 or by phoning City Action at 687-4444. 

Leaf Zones for Friday  January 18th and untill February 15th  will be  call in's   Thank You!

 We have made three complete passes through the city, after which we will go to a call-in basis for the remainder of the season. You can also bag your leaves and have them collected on your trash day or simply drop them off at the orange leaf dumpsters at the sportcenter. Please call 270-687-8760 for loose leaf collection.


Faster Service

For faster service during Leaf Season, you can bring bagged leaves to the ORANGE DUMPSTERS located in the Sportcenter Parking Lot on Hickman Avenue. These dumpsters are for use by city residents only.

Collection Zones

View Full Leaf Collection Zone Map

Guide to Quality Service

  • Be ready on collection day. Once crews pass through your area, they cannot return for late collections. Return collections are expensive in fuel, labor and maintenance costs, and are a burden to those who have raked their leaves out on time.
  • Place leaves curbside, in your yard, not on sidewalk or in the street.
  • Do not wet leaves. Frozen leaves may damage our vacuum equipment.
  • Do not place leaves over water meter covers or other obstructions.
  • Do not mix leaves with other brush, sticks or trash.
  • Do not block leaf piles with vehicles.

Report Illegal Dumpers

Help us keep our city clean. Contact us to report illegal dumpers. We have zero tolerance for those who "trash" our city.