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March 20, 2015

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On Thursday, March 19, 2015, Mayor Ron Payne traveled to Dayton, Ohio to speak with local officials about Owensboro’s riverfront revitalization.  Mayor and staff members Bill Parrish (City Manager) and Amanda Rogers (Parks & Recreation Manager) participated in the 2015 Ohio’s Great Corridor Association (OGCA) River Summit.  Mayor Payne delivered the keynote address to the 13-member organization including Dayton, Ohio on Friday, March 20 at the University of Dayton River Campus. 


Mayor Ron Payne commented, “It is an honor to represent Owensboro.  Our great renaissance has proven to be a model that is highly sought after, and I’m excited to bring our extraordinary news to other communities across the country.” 


Owensboro officials’ efforts have resulted in over $200 million in public and private investment including downtown streetscape improvements, historic building renovations, creation of new parks and improvement of existing facilities, upgrades to the convention center, a bank stabilization project on the Ohio River, and numerous other private projects.


Ohio’s Great Miami River Corridor promotes a quality of life that keeps Ohio’s talent in Ohio. It is the focus of private investment, a job-generator, and tourist destination. The River Corridor is the largest mixed-use district of its kind touting vibrant city waterfronts interconnected by land and water trails. Between the cities, the River Corridor embraces some of Ohio’s most picturesque and productive farmland and exquisite natural areas.





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