Becoming a Telecommunicator/Dispatcher…

The Owensboro Police Department now accepts applications on a year round basis for the position of Telecommunicator/Dispatcher.  However,  we will only review the application during an active hiring process for the position. If we are not actively hiring for the position of     Telecommunicator/Dispatcher at the time of application, it will be retained until the next hiring cycle. If you are not selected for employment during a hiring cycle, you must resubmit a new application before being eligible for the next hiring process. It is your responsibility to confirm our receipt of your application by calling Ofc. Michael Hathaway at 270-687-8867  or Jo Hall at 270-687-8861.     We do not have an Active Hiring Process currently, however, you may submit an application and it will be retained until the next hiring cycle.



Prepare yourself for recruitments:

Telecommunicator Position Information, Recruitment Schedule, & Further Details

Telecommunicator Job Notice

Telecommunicator Job Description

Exam Information

Job Application

Other Information

Telecommunicator Pay Chart 2015 – 2016

City Drug/Alcohol Policy

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