Driving Record/License Information

Drivers Licenses

Name or Address Change

  • The Circuit Court Clerk”s office states you have 10 days to change your information on your license.
  • People moving to Kentucky have 30 days to obtain a KY drivers license.
  • College students are not required to obtain a KY drivers license if their permanent home is in another state

License Reinstatement

  • A reinstatement/re-licensing fee may be required after suspension/revokation

Active Duty Military Personnel Only

  • KY residents stationed outside of KY may renew a Class D license by mail.   Contact the Circuit Court Clerks office for instructions
  • A KY resident on Active Duty Military returns to KY they have 90 days to renew their license without taking the written/road test again.  If 90 days has passed they must comply with all requirements to renew an expired license.

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