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City of Owensboro Neighborhood Alliance Program

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Do you know of an Owensboro neighborhood alliance member or a neighborhood alliance that is worthy of

recognition at the annual dinner?

Please click HERE to download the 2014 nomination form.  Nominations are due by AUGUST 1, 2014.

Nominate them by contacting Abby Shelton at 687-8557 or sheltonam@owensboro.org.

You may also nominate individuals or organizations that have assisted neighborhood alliances.



 Working together, neighbors can accomplish a lot. The following are some of the issues Neighborhood Alliances may pursue:

  • Organizing a neighborhood cleanup.
  • Hosting Block Parties.
  • Developing Ordinances that affect neighbors.
  • Organizing Neighborhood Watch Groups.
  • Studying zoning issues.
  • Improving parks facilities.
  • Preserving Neighborhood history.
  • Providing feedback on city services.


Get involved! Find which Neighborhood Alliance you are a part of.

Please click HERE for a PDF / printable version of the Neighborhood Alliance Program map.

In the long-term, city officials believe that building on the positive aspects of our neighborhoods will help us address the tough issues.  City leaders believe this program is a positive step in getting residents more involved in city government. You don't have to come to City Hall, City Hall comes to you.

If you would like to get involved in a Neighborhood Alliance in your area, contact the Public Information / Community Representative or the Neighborhood Alliance Chair in your area.

Through the Neighborhood Alliance Program, city government has become more responsive to its citizens. The program helps combat problems and make our community an even better place to live.

The alliances serve as a vital link between their neighborhoods and city government. The alliances identify problems and help develop solutions. Citizens like you know best what the neighborhood needs are.






Abby M. Shelton
Public Information/Community Representative

Assistant to the Mayor

Owensboro City Hall
P.O. Box 10003
101 East 4th Street
Owensboro, KY 42302-9003
Phone: (270) 687-8557
Fax: (270) 687-8585
E-mail: sheltonam@owensboro.org