• PorchFest OBKY

    Saturday June 8, 2019

    Location: Griffith Ave.
    Contact: Tamarra Miller

    Second Annual PorchFest OBKY Saturday June 8th, 2019 On June 8th, 2019 PorchFest
    OBKY will host our second annual music festival. A music festival where porches
    become stages, yards become venues and radical generosity & good will rule the
    day. The festival will be held on the welcoming front porches of the Griffith
    Avenue Area. The family-friendly, free event will feature dozens of musicians
    from a wide variety of genres. Attendees will stroll from porch to porch and
    “camp out” on front lawns as they enjoy live, local talent. PorchFest will bring
    important attention to the beauti- ful architecture, history, ongoing
    revitalization and friendly front porch lifestyle of the Ow- ensboro area.
    PorchFest has become a grassroots movement sweeping across the nation in neighborhoods
    from coast to coast. PorchFest is a pleasant personal reminder; to those
    who expe- rience its simple joy, of Time’s Past, when neighbors would greet one
    another and interact on/from their porches (one might say porches were the
    “social media of the past). We feel strongly that people, their talents, their
    diversity and their benevolence exemplifies what makes our community unique. And
    there is no greater thread than music, shared on the front porches throughout our
    neighborhood, to bind us all together.